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Note to Elf, An Adoption Story


We've all been there.

Pacing down the aisles of a shelter wanting to save every dog behind bars, imagining how they will fit in with our families, how they will love walks and treats and what you will get them for Christmas and... you get where I'm going right?

Well every once in a while, not often enough in my opinion, people actually get to take one of the dogs home and all of the above are real possibilities.

Over her winter break from Ball State, Miranda Carney got the chance to adopt a dog, Elf, into her family. This is her adoption story.

"As of last Thursday morning, my family had no intentions on adopting a second dog. We were on our way home from Florida and it had been a really long car ride. We were somewhere in Tennessee when my sister and I fell asleep and my mom changed the radio to 700WLW.

Apparently, right as she turned the channel she heard the host on the radio talking about how there was a Beagle Pug mix up for adoption. They take a different dog in every week and feature them on the radio. So when we woke up about an hour later, my dad turned back and told us that there was a Beagle Pug mix up for adoption. My sister and I immediately were looking him up on 700WLW’s website to see where we could adopt him from and what he looked like. It turned out he was adorable and after asking my parents almost jokingly if we could adopt him, they said as long as he was still there, we could get him.

He wound up being at Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton, Ohio, which was only 12 miles from our house. It seemed like the dog was meant for us. We were still hours away from Cincinnati and the dog they featured on the radio was just minutes from our house. The car ride home suddenly went by much faster as we anticipated seeing what we hoped would be our new dog.

Right after we pulled into our driveway, we unloaded all of our bags from vacation, and cleaned up the house a little before getting back in the car and heading to the shelter. We were nervous he would be gone, but right when we got there, the woman at the front gave us a leash and told us Elf was in cage 30. Elf was the name the shelter had already given him, and we decided it fit him perfectly so we kept his name.

There were a lot of dogs in the shelter looking out of their cages and it was actually one of my first times even being to an animal shelter. Elf had to be one of the cutest dogs in there. When we saw his cage we immediately recognized him and went in. On the radio, they said they weren’t sure if he had been abused and we was shy in new situations, so I wasn’t surprised when he seemed kind of scared to approach me. After some time though, he came up and sat right next to me while I pet him, wagging his tale. I think everyone in our family just knew he was the right dog for us. We walked him around and got to know him a little bit more.

The only thing we had to figure out was if our other dog would get along with him. Our pug, Lovepug was usually pretty mellow around other dogs so we didn’t think it would be a problem. When we brought Lovepug in later, they both got along really well.

We took them into a play area outside and discovered Elf loved the snow. It was so funny to watch both the dogs running around and watch Elf burying himself under the snow. Elf is 1 year and 7 months and he is getting spayed on Monday. We aren’t sure if he is potty trained yet and he doesn’t seem to have any formal training so when I leave for college on Monday, my sister is going to have a lot of work training him. We went to Petsmart to buy some new supplies for Elf, and we asked about the training programs there so Shelby could take Elf in. One of the workers there was telling us how the do an advanced training class there. If the animals pass, they can be licensed as therapy dogs and go to nursing homes and hospitals to help older people and kids who are sick. She said it’s often a good idea to try with shelter dogs because you’re doing a good thing for the dog and then the dog can turn around and help people who might be forgotten just like the dog once was. It really hit me then how good it felt to adopt from a shelter and not buy from a breeder. There were so many dogs and cats in that shelter that I would adopt if I could.

I think in the future, I will continue to adopt from shelters. There are so many animals that need homes and it makes you feel good inside to realize you can give an animal a home. Elf was in the shelter for a month before we adopted him, and who knows how much longer he might have been in there. Three days ago we weren’t even planning on getting any more pets, and now it seems like the dog we adopted was meant to be with us all along. If we wouldn’t have been driving home from Florida, who knows if we would have even heard the radio announcement. Elf is adorable and friendly. He loves to be pet and gets a burst of energy when he rolls in the snow. He is the perfect addition to our family and I’m so glad we decided to adopt from Animal Friends Humane Society. They do a lot to help animals and now I feel like we are helping Elf by welcoming him into our home." -Miranda Carney

Below are the links to a youtube video of Elf as well as the link to the shelter he was adopted from. Elf made a wonderful addition to the Carney family, and there could be a pet out there that needs your love as well, so check out shelters in your area!

Link to the Animal Friends Humane Society:


Janica Kaneshiro



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