Become a Hero This Summer, Support Animal Rescue

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Heroes can stand for many different causes, accomplish things big and small, and inspire people in a variety of ways. Sure, Superman and Batman may be a lot to live up to, but you can be a hero just as easily.

Reasons for All Those Doggy Kisses

If your dog is anything like mine, you’re all too familiar with kisses from a dog. In fact, both of the dogs I’ve had in my lifetime were quite the kissers, even past the puppy stage. But my dog now, Wylie, certainly takes the cake in terms of sheer volume of kisses. He will kiss you any time, day or night, if only you get close enough. And watch out for your legs, too--nowhere is safe!

Cutest Cats on Camera

Let’s talk about one of the most widespread and popular Internet trends in existence…you guessed it: Cat Videos! Videos of cats have spread far and wide throughout the web, and now it’s easier than ever to show off the hilarious and adorable things our furry friends do.

Whether it’s being a little over confident in a leap, getting stuck in a box, or intensely following a laser beam, there’s no shortage of cute cats on camera.

ResQwalk Helps Make Exercise Fun!

Our Campaign Coordinator Katie gets ready to walk for animals!

Many of us enjoy going outside for a nice evening walk after a really long day. Oftentimes, we bring our furry companions with us when we do; it is a fun way to spend time with our dogs (and even cats!) after a hard day’s work.

Summer Poppy Scarves To The Rescue

         One of the many ways we at Jusani help animals is by partnering with amazing sellers who make handcrafted items, and the sale of each of their items benefits the shelter we partner with each month. It’s a great way to purchase a quality, handmade item, while supporting animals in need.

Providing Love and Care to Rescued Pets

In only a year of life, Dutchess has experienced more hardship than most dogs experience in a lifetime. Brought to a local shelter as a stray, Dutchess was badly matted and had wounds covering her entire body. Emerald City Pet Rescue saw that Dutchess was in desperate need of help and immediately stepped in to get her the care she needed.

5 Myths About Shelter Pets

Shelters and the animals they take in are often given bad reputations. Unfortunately, there are many false assumptions made about shelter animals, their personalities, and their ability to be good pets.  The truth is, however, that many of these assumptions are false.

Here are 5 of the most common myths about shelter animals, and why you shouldn’t believe them. If you’re considering getting a new animal, please consider visiting your local shelter!

Be a Rescue Pet’s Hero!

According to the Humane Society of the United States, about 2.7 million cats and dogs are put to sleep in shelters across America each year. Dallas Pets Alive! has made it their mission to change this, and during our Create a No-Kill Nation Campaign at, you can help make their vision of a no-kill America a reality!

The Exciting Advantages of Adopting

In my opinion, pet stores are the highlight of the mall. If you’re lucky, your fingers can fit through the puppies’ cages and you get lots of puppy-kisses. I’ve frequently ventured to the mall for the sole purpose of obtaining such puppy kisses. However, there are many advantages to adopting a pet from an animal shelter rather than buying from a pet store.

How to Tips – Teaching Your Dog Special Tricks

When my childhood dog, Emma, was about eight years old, I decided it was high time she learn to shake. We all know the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I thought I’d give it a try anyway. She already knew the basic commands like sit, lay down, and stay (whether she obeyed them was another story), but she learned those commands as a puppy. I wasn’t sure how to go about teaching her this new trick at such a late stage in her life.

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