Help Stirrups Get the Care She Needs!

Second Chance Rescue NYC pulled Stirrups from death row just hours before she was set to be put to sleep. SCR NYC has found her a place to stay, but they need your help to get her the medical care she needs. Stirrups’ life has been saved, but she has a long road to recovery. Will you be a part of her journey?

Bark Raving Mad: Benefiting Your Pets and Your Carbon Footprint

Being obsessed with our pets means being passionate about finding the very best products for them. A bonus is when we find something that is also eco-friendly, like Bark Raving Mad’s organic and 100% recycled toys, accessories, and pet care products. Jusani Culture has the chance to showcase some of our preferred pet products through our monthly campaigns, and we are happy to share one of our favorite small businesses with you!

Misty’s Journey

Dogs, like humans, have a few basic needs: food, water, shelter. When humans are hungry or thirsty or cold and alone, they speak up, they seek help. And hopefully their fellow humans can come to the rescue. Dogs, though, do not possess the luxury of a voice. They may bark or yelp or “speak,” but dogs cannot survive this harsh world without us. It is our responsibility to be the voice for dogs who cannot speak for themselves--we must seek out those in need of our help.

The Pit Bull Behind the Design

Second Chance Rescue NYC saves over 1,000 animals each year. Denny is one of them; he is the inspiration behind our limited edition tee, and his story is one of survival and hope.

Justice for Puppy Doe

Justice For A Pit Bull

Puppies are cute.  Maybe that’s why people grow to love them so much.  But their cuteness isn’t merely superficial.  It isn’t just the fur, the cute little paws, the floppy ears, and wagging tail that wins the hearts of millions of pet owners.

Canines and Felines? Here are 10 Tips to a Harmonious Home!

I Like You.

Being crazy animal lovers ourselves (crazy in a good way), the Jusani Culture team understands your desire to rescue every shelter animal you come across. However, you likely have other animals at home who will need to be acquainted with this new family member. Before you add another dog or cat to your household, check out our 10 tips to introduce your pets to their new furry companions:

Designing to Save Lives

Meet Michelle Gray, the brains behind our Lionel’s Legacy t-shirt design. Michelle has always been an ardent animal lover. As she says, “Before learning about graphic design, I always wanted to become an ‘animal cop’ and rescue pets.” Now her designs are helping save lives, with $8 of every tee purchase going towards a dog's care!

Smile! You’re Supporting a Great Cause!

Do senior dogs make you smile?  Does shopping make you smile?  Let’s run through a scenario where you satisfy both of these loves.

Shop for a Cause!

Interested in helping senior dogs in need? Interested in helping yourself save some extra time in the morning?

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