Improving The World One Paw At A Time

Jusani Culture has made a name for itself by supporting small businesses as well as assisting organizations with raising funds to better the world for us and our furry pals.

Halloween Pet Costume Contest!

Do you have a Halloween costume picked out for your pet? We want to see it! Share a picture of your pet in his/her Halloween costume with us via Facebook or Twitter through November 1 at 8:30pm ET and you could win a Two Dog Farms custom pet bowl, handcrafted exclusively for our Be a Hero Campaign to benefit the Two Dog Farms Korean Jindo rescue! Keep reading for the official rules.


The Bravest Animals in History

I bet you know plenty of people who have rescued dogs from the shelter. But how often do you think about dogs rescuing people? Whether it’s 9/11, burning buildings, or even Timmy in the well, dogs have proven themselves to be wonderfully adept at saving us.

You Probably Didn’t Know This: Stores that Allow Dogs

People have strange relationships with their dogs. My mother referred to each of my childhood dogs (three yellow labs: Deacon, Minot, and Skipper) as her “Best Boy,” which was bizarre for me. For example, Skipper managed to NOT pee on the rug during the night – ONE night – and my mom practically starts cutting up old magazines for some parade-type confetti.

Picture Power: Snapshots That Save Lives

You’ve heard the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but have you ever heard of a picture saving someone’s life or forever altering the course of someone’s life? For a homeless pet, sometimes a single photograph is all it takes for pets like Emma to find their forever homes.  

12 Things Every New Pet Owner Thinks

There is something magical about the day you decide to bring home your new pet. And it is a labor of love: puppy and kitty-proofing the house, finding the right home with enough yard, or moving into the right neighborhood near the best puppy school. 

Is Your Cat up to Something?

Is your cat up to something? Yes. And, knowing your cat the way I do, it’s probably sinister. Ever notice how cute your cat is? How her whole body vibrates when you scratch her ears? Or how she leaves from the sunny spot on the rug only when you are holding a can opener and dolphin-safe tuna?


How to Make Sure Your Dog Ages Like Betty White!

Imagine coming home every day to someone who loves you. Someone who will make you laugh. Someone who will patiently listen to every story you throw at them.

Now add a little fur.

Dogs are great, and their fondness for you will only grow as time goes on. Unfortunately, most dogs only have about twelve years to love you, lick you, and shower you with never-ending happiness (and sometimes saliva). 

Overcoming the Odds

Watching Flipper play and dart across the beach, you would have no idea how many obstacles he has overcome in his short life, and it might even take you a few minutes to realize that Flipper isn’t like most other dogs; he only has three legs.

One of a Kind Pet-cessories for Your One of a Kind Pet!

Your pet is truly one of a kind. From their cute faces and distinguished noises, to their personality and their names, no two pets are exactly alike.

Each month, Jusani partners with creative and talented artists to not only support our mission of helping shelter animals, but to also support the crafts of these awesome individuals and small businesses.

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