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The Mutt Scouts

The Mutt Scouts are a Los Angeles based rescue who go the extra mile to rescue and rehabilitate pets who have lost any chance of survival in a shelter, were pulled from hoarding situations, and lived a life of abuse and neglect until they were saved by these dedicated animal advocates.

No breed is overlooked - no case is seen as too impossible - and if the road to recovery is filled with obstacles, The Mutt Scouts conquers them and helps each animal survive, thrive, and soar into new loving and forever homes.

The Mutt Scouts stand tall in the community as a rescue of the utmost integrity and passion; their commitment to seeing that all animals find a forever home is apparent in each of their rescues, and there is not a doubt in the world that without the work that they do, thousands of pets would not have the loving and fulfilling lives that they have now and that they all so desperately deserve.

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The Mutt Scouts

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Share Katrina
Katrina is a Staffie/Hound mix who is as sweet as pie. She was left at a high-kill shelter when a rescue took her five puppies but left her behind. ► Come meet Katrina at The Mutt Scouts!
Share Bonnie
Bonnie is a real sweetheart who is great with other dogs and will love you very much! ► Play with Bonnie at The Mutt Scouts!
Share Teena Marie
Teena Marie is a lovebug who is very social and friendly! Will you give her the home she needs? ► Give Teena Marie pets at The Mutt Scouts!
Share Myrtle
Myrtle was rescued from Taiwan before she was subjected to living with a hoarder. The Mutt Scouts saved her and she is ready to meet you today! ► Say hello to Myrtle at The Mutt Scouts!
Share Joaquin & River
Joaquin & River are a bonded pair of Huskies who MUST be adopted together. They are happy and goofy and will love you forever! ► Hug Joaquin & River at The Mutt Scouts!
Share Chip
Chip is a snuggler who is well-trained and very sweet. He walks with a slight deformity but gets around just fine! ► Meet Chip at The Mutt Scouts!

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