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Second Chance Rescue NYC

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Second Chance Rescue was formed in 2009 with the belief that rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding loving homes for animals in need was of the utmost importance in New York City. Unfortunately, as with any big city, there are many pets who are homeless or abandoned due to a variety of reasons and these pets need help in an incredibly desperate way, this is where Second Chance Rescue comes in to help.

Relying solely on donations from the public, Second Chance Rescue always finds a way to pay for the sometimes very high medical bills of veterinary visits for the pets in their care, including many emergency cases which can be quite expensive. While the job is difficult, Second Chance Rescue ensures that each and every pet in their care will be provided for until he or she finds a loving forever home. Until that home is found, every pet is given a Second Chance by staying in one of their many dedicated foster homes, having no physical shelter, this is how this amazing organization makes huge changes in the community.

The changes in the community do not end there, special attention is given to the citizens in and around New York, NY to help build awareness about animal abuse and neglect, the importance of spaying and neutering, and much more. The passionate group of individuals behind Second Chance Rescue continue to make a difference in the lives of hopeful pets every day, for that we honor them.

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Solar is a go-with-the-flow dog who is ready for anything and would love an athletic lifestyle! ► Come meet Solar at SCRNYC!
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Nina is an active German Shepherd mix and adores people! Perfect for an athletic adopter! ► Come cuddle Nina at SCRNYC!
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Jadya happens to be deaf in both ears but that doesn't stop her from being the loving gal she is! ► Admire Jadya at SCRNYC!
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Momma loves other dogs and snuggling. She is one gentle lady that you have to meet! ► Adopt Momma from SCRNYC!
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Sadie is a genuine sweetheart. She has hard a hard start to life but is ready for a loving forever home! ► Meet Sadie at SCRNYC!
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Star loves belly rubs and kisses but she would love a forever home even more! ► Play with Star at SCRNYC!

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