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Pits for Patriots

Pits for Patriots was founded to train rescued "Pit Bulls" from shelters and help these dogs develop and become service dogs for our country's patriots in need.  Pits for Patriots dogs are highly trained by a skilled staff to assist needy patriots in their day to day tasks and are all CKC and therapy certified.  Not only are these "pit bulls" being saved from certain death in the shelter, but they are given a new lease on life helping others live the life they deserve.

Pits for Patriots trains dogs for patriots in need but they also reach out to first responders and veterans in the community who request assistance.  In doing so, Pits for Patriots steps up and educates the public about the "Pit Bull" breed and how amazing their dogs are, as well as all "Pit Bull's." 

All of the Pits for Patriots dogs are rescued, trained, and partnered with a human companion at no cost to tax payers as the organization is run off of provate contributions and donations!

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Share Mira
Mira is a two-year-old service dog candidate who has worked as a therapy dog at Have Dreams Autistic School for the past eight months! ► Praise Mira at Pits for Patriots!
Share Phoebe
Phoebe is an honorary "pit bull" who is excelling in her service dog training even as a puppy! ► Give kudos to Phoebe at Pits for Patriots!
Share Buford
Buford has done amazing work in a nursing home as a service dog but is currently recovering from ACL surgery before he can return! ► Love Buford at Pits for Patriots!
Share Odie
Odie was honorably discharged from the program but he needs a loving forever home, preferably with no other pets and older children! ► Meet Odie at Pits for Patriots
Share Sheena
Sheena was honorably discharged and is in need of a family who will continue to work on her training and give her a loving home! ► Come meet Sheena at Pits for Patriots!
Share Kaisa
Kaisa is looking for a loving forever home as she was previously over-bred for years. She would love to be your forever girl! ► Greet Kaisa at Pits for Patriots!

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